Jan Sluijsmans Music

The Insidious Effect – Seq III – feat. Mateusz Malcharek

Thanks for the beautiful words Indra. You nailed it!!
“In all serenity “The Insidious Effect Seq III” has assimilated me, like the makers were aiming for. Jan and Indra, together with the bassist Mateusz, have made an extraordinary document. Their short film is a musical and cinematic door to past, present and future.” ~Stefan Gillissen – journalist for De Limburger.
Stefan put to words that which we tried to aim for: to create some form of immersion where your mind and thoughts are able to roam freely, without telling it where to go. To take a step back, take a deep breath and just be in the moment.
That’s exactly what Jan is looking for in his music, and I, as a photographer, am looking for in my images and the process I use to make them. It is also exactly what I’m looking for when listening to music, and what attracts me to the music of Jan and vice versa.
It’s why he reached out to me for a collaboration and I happily said yes. He then reached out to Mateusz to let him roam around freely using his contra bass to do what he felt like doing. Jan presented me the final piece, a musical immersion where my mind was able to roam freely and I was able to make that which came to mind and what I felt like doing. This is the result.
And the result just premiered on the Dutch Mountain Film Festival 2021 of which I am more than proud! I hope you enjoyed it / will enjoy it..
Soundscape: Jan Sluijsmans – www.jansluijsmansmusic.com
Contra bass: Mateusz Malcharek – www.instagram.com/mateusz_malcharek
Additional mix and mastering: Mike Kramer – (h)ear – www.h-ear.org/
Filmer and editor: Indra Moonen – Contrastique – www.contrastique.com ssen
Paul Koenen – www.paulkoenen.com
The organizers of the Dutch Mountain Film Festival – www.dmff.eu
Camera: Leica M246 Monochrom + Summicron 35mm f2.0
Gimbal: DJI Ronin SC Combo-Pro
Special thanks go out to:Stefan Gillissen – journalist of De Limburger – www.instagram.com/stefangillisen