Jan Sluijsmans Music

22:22:11 is the first track of a new project that will develop into a personal musical overview of the last 12 years based on my memories.
Every 22nd of the month I release a new track starting with 22:22:11 that looks back to the year 2011.
This project contains 12 tracks and will end with a soundtrack for a multimedia performance in early 2023.
22:22 is a collaboration between Jan Sluijsmans, Edis van der Pajazetovic, Mike Kramer and Indra Moonen.
Stay in tune and follow!!
Composed and produced by Jan Sluijsmans.
Mixed and arranged by Edis van der Pajazetovic & Jan Sluijsmans at Bankastudios dot nl.
Mastered by Mike Kramer
Cover picture by Indra Moonen at Contrastique dot com.