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Out now!!

The Insidious Effect Seq I Ft. Mike Kramer
Now available on all your favorite streaming platforms. Enjoy!!

A new collaboration is coming.

A new collaboration is coming.

The Insidious Effect Seq I featuring Mike Kramer. Stay tuned!!
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The Insidious Effect Seq III ft. Mateusz Malcharek out on September 19th

Taken from the album The Insidious Effect with an additional double bass track from the
amazing Mateusz Malcharek.
– Double bass track written, recorded and performed by Mateusz Malcharek
– Additional mix and mastering by Mike Kramer at (H)EAR – Experimental audio research.
– Teaser movie by Indra Moonen at Contrastique.

Thanks for all your inspiration and hard work. Dreams come thrue!!

Let`s shoot some video

Let`s shoot some video

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A new collaboration with Indra Moonen at Contrastique Photography

So very proud to do my part in this.
Big thanks to Indra Moonen at Contrastique Photography for your trust!!

“A vanishing wet plate collodion image as a metaphor.
Even the fastened memories fade over time. The captured memory of me, it’s not merely an image on glass, it has become a looking glass.
There’s beauty in the inevitable passing of things, in the sadness it gives you, a memento mori. For every ending also entails a new beginning.
Through time I have found this thought to be of great comfort to me”.

The Insidious Effect

Now available on Bandcamp. Enjoy!!

The Insidious Effect (OUT NOW)

The Insidious Effect (OUT NOW)

Thanks to everybody who had a part in this amazing journey. Big or small. U know who U are!!

1. The Insidious Effect Seq I
2. The Insidious Effect Seq II
3. The Insidious Effect Seq III
4. The Insidious Effect Seq IV

All tracks composed and produced by Jan Sluijsmans.

Mastering Seq I & IV by: Mike Kramer at (h)-ear dot org
Mastering Seq II & III by: Rick Valcon at RArecordings

Additional sounddesign by Jamshid Mahmoudy

Artwork and visuals by Indra Moonen at Contrastique dot com
Original cover picture taken by Indra Moonen at WW1 battlefield.

Original circle drawing and titels by Mandy v/d Bosch at Wine & Coekie.

Available on all streaming platforms.

For the best experience: Listen in one piece, with headphones and your eyes closed.